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struct MailView: UIViewControllerRepresentable {

    @Binding var isShowing: Bool
    @Binding var result: Result<MFMailComposeResult, Error>?

    class Coordinator: NSObject, MFMailComposeViewControllerDelegate {

        @Binding var isShowing: Bool
        @Binding var result: Result<MFMailComposeResult, Error>?

        init(isShowing: Binding<Bool>,
             result: Binding<Result<MFMailComposeResult, Error>?>) {
            _isShowing = isShowing
            _result = result

        func mailComposeController(_ controller: MFMailComposeViewController,
                                   didFinishWith result: MFMailComposeResult,
                                   error: Error?) {
            defer {
                isShowing = false
            guard error == nil else {
                self.result = .failure(error!)
            self.result = .success(result)

    func makeCoordinator() -> Coordinator {
        return Coordinator(isShowing: $isShowing,
                           result: $result)

    func makeUIViewController(context: UIViewControllerRepresentableContext<MailView>) -> MFMailComposeViewController {
        let vc = MFMailComposeViewController()
        vc.setToRecipients(["Your Mail"])
        vc.setMessageBody("Something", isHTML: false)
        vc.mailComposeDelegate = context.coordinator
        return vc

    func updateUIViewController(_ uiViewController: MFMailComposeViewController,
                                context: UIViewControllerRepresentableContext<MailView>) {



.sheet(isPresented: $isShowingMailView) {
                            MailView(isShowing: self.$isShowingMailView, result: self.$result)


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