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Now, Ukraine is under attack. Plenty of people died or will die. We found that many people support Ukraine, and so do Endless. Why? Why do people do that? The answer is simple. Because the attack of Russia is malicious and Putin disregards people’s lives, both Ukrainian and Russian. It goes against humanitarianism. If we do not prevent it, maybe World War III will start. But why we don’t appeal for Afghanistan? The answer is simple too. Because of the 911, many people in New York died. And the terrorists came from Afghanistan. So the US attacked there. It is reasonable. The 911 means a lot to the Americans, just like Nanjing Massacre means a lot to the Chinese. Maybe we should see this world in a more tolerant view, but not evil. Endless can not do a lot to help Ukraine. So we decided to change our Icon to Ukraine color and add Ukrainian flags on the Folder Icon until the ending of the war.

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